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Professor Willie C. Cordy Jr.
Coach & Strategist
Shihan Willie Hunter Jr. 5th Dan, Creator of the Thai Jitsu System
Kiyoshi Willie Hunter Sr. 7th Dan
Shihan Jeffrey Hunter 4th Dan
Master Paul Wilson 3rd Dan Karate, 1st Dan Muay Thai Kick Boxing
Master Seth Brock 2nd Dan
Master Parinas 3rd Dan
Master Whitaker 3rd Dan
Master Vaughn 4th Dan


Master Byron Wilson 5th Dan


Father & Son

The Cordy Duo training and working toward a higher martial arts education.


Front Row: Mr. Brock, Jeffrey Hunter, Willie Hunter Sr., Willie Hunter Jr., Dr. O. L Cromwell
Back Row: Galloway, Mr. Porter, Dr. Menefee, Unknown


Olympic Style Taekwondo

Master Charles Parks

Grandmaster Parks




Teakwondo Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Instructor

Michael L. "Cigar" Jackson

7th Dan




Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor

Sifu Gorden Lu



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